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Alyssa Peeples

Alyssa began her journey with Safe Circuits in February of 2011 after graduating from Roanoke College in 2010. Starting in the warehouse and working her way up the proverbial ladder, Alyssa quickly learned the inner workings of the company, allowing her to become adept at all facets and to build a solid foundation from which the company could grow. This hands on experience, paired with her inquisitive nature has lent Alyssa to her current position of Operations Manger where she facilitates warehouse and office operations in an effort to propel both her team and the company towards further growth.

Kristen Annis

Kristen joined Safe Circuits in 2012 after leaving her previous employment in the banking industry. With her extensive experience in customer service and her attention to detail, she quickly progressed through the ranks at Safe Circuits to become the main figurehead of the logistics division. A 2010 graduate of Roanoke College, Kristen took her major in sociology and skillfully applied her knowledge to the management of the warehouse and its personel, building a solid team of dedicated individuals who are committed to the company's goal of Six Sigma. In addition to overseeing fulfillment operations, Kristen works as a liason between the warehouse and order processing, effectively streamlining communications and guiding the team to achieve company objectives.

Ronny Tang

Born and raised on the small island of Mauritius, Ronny made his way west at the age of 19 to South Africa where in 1994 he received his engineering degree from the University of Witwatersrand. Upon graduating, Ronny obtained employment with CBI Electric in South Africa. After 10 years of working in various positions, he eventually departed his final role as Business Development Manger and relocated to the USA. In search of something familiar, Ronny reverted back to his engineering and business background, establishing his own circuit breaker distribution center, Safe Circuits, Inc. Safe Circuits slowly grew under Ronny's persistent supervision, and today is one of the largest suppliers of CBI circuit breakers in the USA. Ronny continues to play a very active role, working tirelessly to nurture the ever evolving relationship between the manufacturer and end customer.

Ittiphon Chairpruet ("Toon”)

Ittiphon Chairpruet (aka "Toon”) began his journey with Safe Circuits in the Spring of 2013, bringing an unexpected strength and efficiency to the warehouse that was previously lacking. As his first warehouse position, Toon bent over backwards to learn and operate the warehouse with proficiency, and over the years advanced to supervising his own team. Wholeheartedly dedicated to maximizing the potential of the warehouse and his team members, Toon has ramped up Safe Circuits' outbound abilities to accommodate the company's efforts to expand. Orchestrating the smooth operation of the warehouse with its inbound/outbound logistics, Toon works diligently to ensure our end customers receive their product intact and on time.

Megan Klingaman

Joining the Safe Circuits team in the Spring of 2017, Megan is the company's main order processor and customer service representative. An alumnus of the Allentown Business School, Megan has worked not only in the banking & childcare industries but also in various administrative positions and has brought a wealth of experience to the team. Quickly undertaking unfamiliar tasks and coordinating with the team to achieve maximum efficiency in shipping and scheduling, Megan made clear her determination and dedication to the company mission and has become an integral part of the company's overall success.



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